I Want More!

20170626_200545Some might find this lame but I started to stop and watch the daily sunsets whenever i’m not at the cycling studio pedaling for my life or doing a round of sun salutations in yoga. Living on my own and all of the quiet that it brings often, have me really in awe over little instances of God seen during my daily musings.  I began to truly take in and appreciate watching the sun go down while thanking the creator for another day and obsessing over the vibrant colors left behind in the sky. I’ve even took to watching my plants grow and is constantly fascinated at how my hands and love bear the responsibility of keeping something alive.

Recently i’ve become more conscious about practicing mental minimalism which basically consists of decluttering the mind. This was my attempt at balancing my mind, motivations, influences and sometimes pressures to be a professional, holistic, shaped like a coke bottle, well read, woke, a wanderluster, a girl boss and an expert at natural hair twist outs! Ain’t that much coconut oil in the world that I can pour on my brain that will make it all happen for me the way it does for my favorite social media mavens. (*insert sarcasm*)

In adopting this new way of self management i’ve had plenty of time to think about what my imprint on the world would be. It has been my dream to be listed as someone’s “Top 30 Under 30” list but, here I am at 30 and will be 31 in less than 6 months! I just had to get focused and get started on things that make my heart sing. Ain’t nothin’ to it but to do it! I can’t make it to anyone’s “Top…Whatever” list without putting my money where my mouth is. By day I work in the Maternal Health world and try to create spaces and avenues for families to realize their own potential thus taking an express train (I will also reference NYC a lot) right to the stop where they understand their own power and greatness. By night I mull over how to prepare my ideas when I just had to do the damn thing!

This past sunday I ran right into my inspiration on the good ole’ Grand Concourse. (I will reference the Bronx aka my diamond in the rough a lot in this space a lot so get used to it :0P). It was there during the annual Boogie Down the Boulevard that I ran into Lenny (I believe that was his name) of the Boogie Down Bronx Runners (@boogiedownbronxrunners) group after I flagged him down letting him know that I followed him on Instagram. Very nice guy and *coughs* quite handsome encouraged me to join his group even after I gave him the side-eye about running. But you know what, I looked at his gesture and further more how both him and his crew had the guts to take a small idea and turn it into a movement and a light bulb went off.

For two years I had an idea to start a blog about preconception health for women over 25 years old.  No one cares about us or our eggs! The focus of women’s health/reproductive health is largely on teenagers and pregnant women. What about us ladies, you know the college grads that Beyoncé told us to lift our glasses in “Run The World”? Hell if the Queeeen shouted me out i’m somebody dammit! Our Mamas, Daddies and even play Aunties told us to focus on our education and NOT GET PREGNANT! Okay many of us did that, now we have doctors looking at us and our ovaries like we are doomed and for the first time in our lives we are told we should have had babies before. It was like damn all of you who wanted a better situation for your future little one. So now here we are listening to the clock tick and attempting to find a Bae to enlist as a life partner. I mean many of us are searching high and low at “I Love Beards” events, Soul Swipe or at  networking happy hours before our carriage turns into a pumpkin at midnight. It’s way too much pressure but what the health care world is not telling us is how to prepare our bodies for pregnancy after 25, after the degree, after the 3rd promotion and after buying property.

Here’s where I come in! Journey with me as we go through this time in our lives together! I will explore health and life topics relative to us who have been privileged to see three decades and let them know our bodies matter and that we are not lost in the sauce and that our ship did not sail. Watch me like Lenny take my desire to create a healthier Bronx (i’m tired of my county ranking 62 our 62 counties in NY!), healthier mindsets for women like me Black, 30 years old and DOPE AS FUCK! and lastly a splash in the public health world.

Thank you for taking the time to allow me to introduce myself and bear my gifts. My quiet moments talking to God and mediating truly leads me to believe that I was brought to this earth to educate, learn, support, motivate and heal communities of color.

You made it to the end! YOU’RE A REAL ONE! I just had to get it all out.

❤ Jéane






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